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  • Brian Auger 8:51 pm on November 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Kaltura – An Online Video Platform With A Difference 

    Below we present an interview with Kaltura President Michal Tsur.

    Kaltura is an Open Source Online Video Platform [OVP]. An OVP is a Software as a Service-based solution that offers video file management and publication services to organizations. By services here we mean things like Media Asset Management, Encoding, Video Players, Video Editing, Web syndication, Analytics and metrics of content served, Application Programming Interfaces (API), Hosting and Distribution of Video Content.

    For an explanation of what distinguishes Kaltura we’ll let Dr. Tsur do the talking.

    So, why wouldn’t you just use YouTube you say? Why go through all this hassle, and pay!? Of course, you should always BE on YouTube, that is a way to be found, and known out there. But if you start getting into using video to do business, then you will notice that the YouTube offering will start to cramp your style. For one thing, you are limited to exactly what the YouTube player looks like. You can’t add anything at the beginning or end. If you decide to improve it or update it some day, then your new improved YouTube vid gets a new URL, thereby zapping everybody who favourited you, or embedded your work of art, in their site, blog or whatever. Also, you will want to know a lot more than the YouTube analytics tell you – like when people stopped watching and what did they do next. And most of all, you are in the YouTube world when it comes to advertizing and interactivity – not your own.

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  • Brian Auger 4:28 pm on May 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    What clobbered YouTube in the US a few months back? The Superbowl! On February 7, 2010 106,000,000 Americans spent 3 or 4 hours watching the final, big TV football game of the year – more than they spend, collectively, cumulatively on YouTube in a month. So TV is not quite dead yet.

    In a great research piece in an Economist May 1, 2010 special report, many very interesting facts about TV usage are highlighted.

    • Last year Tokyo residents spent an average of 60 minutes/day at home consuming media on the Internet or mobile phones – up from 6 minutes in 2000. But they spent an average of 216 minutes in front of the TV.

    • The average YouTube user spends 15 minutes/day on the website vs. 5 hours/day for the average consumption of the TV viewer.

    • Americans spend more time watching TV than the total of web + sending emails + watching DVDs + playing computer games + reading newspapers + talking on mobile phones.

    • And although the advertising spend on the Internet rose above TV sometime in 2008 in the UK, the TV spend is no longer declining.

    The Report pointed out some less obvious factors too – like:

    • The Internet’s great power to ‘disaggregate’ has been a factor in some media markets. For example, it allowed people to buy one track of an album or one article in a magazine. But people don’t want to watch 5 minutes of a TV show – they want the whole episode.

    • The Internet allows people to watch whatever they want whenever they want to. But it turns out that with many offerings – e.g. sports, people want to watch it together, and when it’s happening – live.

    • One of the big advantages of e.g. Google’s advertizing offerings is focused targeting vs. TV’s ‘spray & pray’ approach. Now ‘addressable advertising’, downloaded to set-top boxes preferentially, based on viewing habits, is possible, allowing plain old TV to do a bit of targeting too.

    In The End, They Compliment Each Other

    Facebook and Twitter become large ‘water-cooler’ conversation replacements relative to next day discussions about the latest popular TV show episode. And people do go to the Internet to catch up on or review TV show stories. In Germany, a popular soap “Gute Zeiten, Schechte Zeiten” offers online episodes online a few days before they appear on TV – for a fee, heightening the pre-show hype, and reducing the wait for those addicted, until the next hit of drama.

    The killer application on television turns out to be – television.  Lesson Learned: It’s the Video – Stupid

    As we say in our own marketing – video attracts and holds the attention of your prospects. Give us a call and let’s discuss making some video for your website, or your TV presence!

    Brian Auger


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      Well this is really interesting indeed.Would love to read just a little more of this. Excellent post. Many thanks for the heads-up. This weblog was very informative and knowledgable.

  • Brian Auger 7:31 pm on January 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    10 Essential Social Media Pointers For Your Business 

    At MassOutreach we are committed to helping your business succeed in marketing in the new media.  On the first of every month we will revise this list and bring you the best advice available on the top 10 essential points you need to know about social media.

    1. In all those social media sites you need a name. You will also want to  protect names you might use soon. NameChk.com makes it easy to find out what names are available. Start there.
    2. Twitter – get in the game! This Twitter site [Communications medium? Social Forum? What is it?) is too well used for you not to be involved.
    3. YouTube is now used for search almost as much as Google or Yahoo. You need to launch your business channel on YouTube. Get some video out there letting people see who you are and what you do.
    4. Writing a Blog is a critical part of your social media strategy.  What’s a ‘blog’?  A blog is like your column in a newspaper – but with no newspaper. You can have readers all over the world who subscribe to your blog.  WordPress can host your blog, and is a great place to start because it’s free and makes it easy. And there are others.
    5. FaceBook has over 350 million users worldwide – you have to be present there. People will look for you there, and if they don’t find you, they will sense a gap in your message. Not everybody of course, but some will.
    6. Another place you want to be is Linkedin. Linkedin is a 55 million member forum where business people and professionals build a contact network. It’s an essential place to be known, and opens up interesting networking and research possibilities.
    7. And while you’re doing all of that, decide “who you are” out there in Cyberspace representing your business. Be yourself, and be consistent, are two guidelines to respect if you want to be a leader.  The definition of a leader is someone who has followers!
    8. No measurement = no management, Peter Drukker used to say. Use bit.ly to measure your return on social media investment. You can use bit.ly to track your link traffic.
    9. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media go hand in hand.  Multiply your social media references and this will boost your site’s ranking on search engines. And higher search engine rankings will make it easy for more people to find your social media presence – a powerful virtuous circle spiraling upwards.
    10. Research, Research, Research.  There is just too much going on out there for a ‘shoot from the hip’ approach to do you much good. Social media are major marketing targets, like TV – often cheaper though, and always more focused.  But you have to find out how to use them to get the bang for your bucks. Who in your business is responsible for researching these media to find out what your strategy should be? And ‘strategy’ means senior responsibility.

    And, of course, we can help you with all of that 🙂  Visit us (SOON) at http://www.massoutreach.com

    • Shilpi 9:17 am on February 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Brian, A very informative post about the social media optimization.

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