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    The History of Social Media 

    A great INFOGRAPHIC courtesy of Skloog blog – too good to not pass along!

    History of Social Media

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        If by ‘theme’ you mean the background picture, I found it online and simply uploaded it. Hope that helps!

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    Twitterology 100 

    Do I Have To Know About Twitter?


    This note will explain what Twitter is and introduce you to how to use it. Twitter has grown into something rather BIG over its short lifetime, so I can only cover a small fraction of the total in a few pages. But this will give you a good idea of what’s out there.

    Ok, so what is it?

    Basically …

    Think of Twitter as both a radio, and as your private radio station, to broadcast to, and listen to broadcasts from, the world … except that:

    • it’s text, in 140 characters bursts, not audio
    • these 140 character messages [which are called Tweets, and] can be received on, or sent from, your computer or your smart phone
    • only people who subscribe [who choose to ‘Follow’ you that is] to your radio station get the transmission, and similarly, you only get the transmission from people you choose to ‘Follow’. It’s all free of course.

    It’s like a radio station because it transmits NOW, and because only those people who decide they want to listen to you and have their radios turned on hear you – as in – see what you wrote. That’s because your message just scrolls off the bottom of their screen as more tweets come in from all the people they’re following, they’re not stored like an email message.

    It’s not like a radio station because it’s text, and because you can search the text for all kinds of things like location and subject, to find out who’s saying what and where. And it’s not like your average radio station because your ‘listeners’ can be anywhere in the world.

    Do It!

    • Go to http://www.twitter.com and sign up for an account. You will get your own – unique, URL to promote yourself or your business anywhere you like.
    • Search for people you know or interesting subjects, and start following them.  A lot of them will follow you back.
    • Start doing your own Tweets. Send out messages – Tweets, about your business, your interests, news, etc. And ask questions too – people like participating and being helpful.
    • People tweet about what they had for lunch [which, if the Tweet is from Madonna and you’re a fan, might be very interesting], great business deals they just did [which, if you’re watch that industry, or company, could be very interesting], where they are [which, if you want to have a meeting with them, may be very interesting … anything [which may be very interesting, depending on who’s on both sides of the conversation.

    My Favorite Tweeters

    I’m always looking for the truly useful that Twitter does.  A few of my favorites:

    • A mobile canteen in Manhattan sends out a Tweet every day late morning, once it finds a parking spot to let its clients know its location.
    • One of my favorite authors sent out a tweet inviting anyone following him to join him in a bar at a Paris airport [I wasn’t there – DARN! – but a cool idea].
    • Want to know what’s happening NOW? Anywhere, anything – like with airport closures, or Apple rumours – do a search in Twitter [see below].

    Indeed, another way to understand Twitter is to consider the question “What are you doing now?” If there people who could be interested in knowing that, or if there are people [specific individuals who Tweet, or even anybody] doing something you want to know about, then there’s probably a Twitter angle that is worth exploring.

    Twittering vs. Blogging

    This helps us understand why Twittering is sometimes called “micro-blogging”.  Have you ever noticed that you have a Blog article in your head that seems to take a looonng time to make it into a Blog post? Well, if your idea, or news is suited to breaking into smaller chunks, then do some Tweets! Much easier to get 140 characters into a Tweet post than to create your literary masterpiece Blog post. And maybe a lot easier for people to find the time to read it. And anyway,  you can still do the Blog post later. Or to look at it another way, use multiple Blog extracts – Tweets – as ‘trailers’ – exciting snipits, that will draw people to your Blog.


    There are tons of tools to help you do Twittery things, and more new ones  all the time – the few I list here only give a sample.

    • With just 140 characters to make your point, you don’t want to blow it all on one, very long, website address – that’s where http://bit.ly/ comes in. Go there, paste in your URL and it will return a very short version that you can use. Bonus: it also tracks usage – so you can see how many people actually click on it, etc. Of course, if the URL is not too long, and it’s a branding thing, you might want to leave it as is.
    • Looking for something? The search function in Twitter gives you access to info in people’s profiles. But http://www.tweetscan.com/ will let you find Tweets that contain your search terms.
    • Want to know what’s hot – now? Go to http://www.twitscoop.com/ It will tell you about top topics being tweeted about in real time.
    • Another favorite is SocialOomph http://www.socialoomph.com/ which delivers a host of features including allowing you to schedule Tweets – very handy to get you organized if you have e.g. a series of quotes to publish to your fans. They also offer offer a really cool  service where they will email each day showing you who has re-tweeted and talked about you.

    And there’s many more. Please suggest yours – and explain why – as commentary to this post.

    Going Local

    Some tools within Twitter can help you focus on a local area, which for many people, is the most relevant.

    • Twitter Search. Type in your city’s name to access a list of Twitter users in your region. The advanced search feature finds peeps up to a 15 mile radius.
    • Do a simple Twitter search for people tweeting about your area using the # (hashtag). Simply type– #your city name– or abbreviation in the search box.
    • Twellow – (Twitter + yellow pages) is exactly what it sounds like — a listing of Twitter users. Access your region by clicking on Twellowhood, then your location on the map…or type in your city and state.
    • NearbyTweets and GeoFollow offer listings of your local Twitter pals and their tweets. GeoFollow lets you bulk follow – very useful.
    • Why not Tweetup? A meet-up (offline) of nearby Twitter friends arranged – you guessed it –via Twitter. How to find these elusive group blind dates? Try Meetup (an event site with a special section for Tweetups), Twtvite (a site like Evite but for Twitter) and by searching tweetup geographically, on Twitter Search.
    • Localtweeps – started as a localizing site utilizing the hashtag, this one allows you to register and allows others to follow you or click on your website. You can search by zip code as well.
    • There are more fresh apps are created every day to help you to find people in your area e.g. TwitterLocal, Twinkle and more.
    • Twitaholic (formerly Twitterholic) –Not affiliated with Twitter, but the top twitter users in the country are listed here…and so are those hot shot Tweeters in your town. Just type in your Twitter ID under “your Twitaholic ranking.” Once it comes back, click on the name of your city, next to your stats.
    • Your Local Newspaper will have twitter account, follow the followers! easy quick and all real!

    Thanks to Reese Ben-Yaacov for the local ideas from a LinkedIn post.

    Twitter Factoids

    Survey Says:

    • 20% of Twitter account holders never Tweet
    • More than 50% of all Twitterers Tweet less than once every 2 months
    • 10% of Twitterers account for 90% of all Tweets
    • Leaving 20% who Tweet once in a while
    • Twitter attracted about 75 million web visitors in January 2010 which means it enjoyed 1,100% growth in 1 year, and that it ranked 12th in the world by traffic.
    • About 50 million Tweets are sent every day.
    • Most US users [about 1/3 of the user base] – 44% – are 18 to 34 years old, another 28% are 35 to 49.

    Data from January 2010 – Much From an Article in The Economist

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    Twitter Factoids 

    Survey Says:

    20% of Twitter account holders never Tweet

    More than 50% of all Twitterers Tweet less than once every 2 months

    10% of Twitterers account for 90% of all Tweets

    Leaving 20% who Tweet once in a while

    Twitter attracts about 60 million web visitors monthly.

    Most US users – 44% – are 18 to 34 years old, another 28% are 35 to 49.

    Most of this from the Economist‘s special report on social networking [January 30 MMX]. More coming from that excellent report. The demographic data is from Quantcast.

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      Great post . Increase knowledge about Twitter

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    10 Essential Social Media Pointers For Your Business 

    At MassOutreach we are committed to helping your business succeed in marketing in the new media.  On the first of every month we will revise this list and bring you the best advice available on the top 10 essential points you need to know about social media.

    1. In all those social media sites you need a name. You will also want to  protect names you might use soon. NameChk.com makes it easy to find out what names are available. Start there.
    2. Twitter – get in the game! This Twitter site [Communications medium? Social Forum? What is it?) is too well used for you not to be involved.
    3. YouTube is now used for search almost as much as Google or Yahoo. You need to launch your business channel on YouTube. Get some video out there letting people see who you are and what you do.
    4. Writing a Blog is a critical part of your social media strategy.  What’s a ‘blog’?  A blog is like your column in a newspaper – but with no newspaper. You can have readers all over the world who subscribe to your blog.  WordPress can host your blog, and is a great place to start because it’s free and makes it easy. And there are others.
    5. FaceBook has over 350 million users worldwide – you have to be present there. People will look for you there, and if they don’t find you, they will sense a gap in your message. Not everybody of course, but some will.
    6. Another place you want to be is Linkedin. Linkedin is a 55 million member forum where business people and professionals build a contact network. It’s an essential place to be known, and opens up interesting networking and research possibilities.
    7. And while you’re doing all of that, decide “who you are” out there in Cyberspace representing your business. Be yourself, and be consistent, are two guidelines to respect if you want to be a leader.  The definition of a leader is someone who has followers!
    8. No measurement = no management, Peter Drukker used to say. Use bit.ly to measure your return on social media investment. You can use bit.ly to track your link traffic.
    9. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media go hand in hand.  Multiply your social media references and this will boost your site’s ranking on search engines. And higher search engine rankings will make it easy for more people to find your social media presence – a powerful virtuous circle spiraling upwards.
    10. Research, Research, Research.  There is just too much going on out there for a ‘shoot from the hip’ approach to do you much good. Social media are major marketing targets, like TV – often cheaper though, and always more focused.  But you have to find out how to use them to get the bang for your bucks. Who in your business is responsible for researching these media to find out what your strategy should be? And ‘strategy’ means senior responsibility.

    And, of course, we can help you with all of that 🙂  Visit us (SOON) at http://www.massoutreach.com

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      Hello Brian, A very informative post about the social media optimization.

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