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  • Brian Auger 8:51 pm on November 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Kaltura – An Online Video Platform With A Difference 

    Below we present an interview with Kaltura President Michal Tsur.

    Kaltura is an Open Source Online Video Platform [OVP]. An OVP is a Software as a Service-based solution that offers video file management and publication services to organizations. By services here we mean things like Media Asset Management, Encoding, Video Players, Video Editing, Web syndication, Analytics and metrics of content served, Application Programming Interfaces (API), Hosting and Distribution of Video Content.

    For an explanation of what distinguishes Kaltura we’ll let Dr. Tsur do the talking.

    So, why wouldn’t you just use YouTube you say? Why go through all this hassle, and pay!? Of course, you should always BE on YouTube, that is a way to be found, and known out there. But if you start getting into using video to do business, then you will notice that the YouTube offering will start to cramp your style. For one thing, you are limited to exactly what the YouTube player looks like. You can’t add anything at the beginning or end. If you decide to improve it or update it some day, then your new improved YouTube vid gets a new URL, thereby zapping everybody who favourited you, or embedded your work of art, in their site, blog or whatever. Also, you will want to know a lot more than the YouTube analytics tell you – like when people stopped watching and what did they do next. And most of all, you are in the YouTube world when it comes to advertizing and interactivity – not your own.

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    Great Online Video Interviews Coming Soon 

    Matt and I attended the London Streaming Media Conference [see http://www.streamingmediaglobal.com/conference/2010/] last week and video’d some top people from three of the leading Online Video Platforms [or OVPs – if you’re keeping track of TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms].


    Dr. Michal Tsur – President, Kaltura


    Q. What’s an OVP?

    A. An Online Video Platform is like your website hosting service. If you have a website, you pay someone to host it – right?  Well, if you have some video on your website, and especially if you have lots of videos, but even if you just have a few but you want to make sure that your viewers all over the world see your stuff the way you’d like them to – as in not jerky, not taking so long to load that they click outa there, then you won’t be happy with your average website hosting performance for your video content. You will need to invest a bit more to ensure that your videos are seen the way you want them to be.

    WHY 1:

    • because your prospects have different Internet bandwidths available to them from kinda slow basic, rural or 3rd world, to very fast broadband in major economies, like The Netherlands; and
    • on different platforms – from the iPhone’s tiny perfect screen, all the way up to BIG flat screen HD TVs.


    Cameron Church - Europe Technical Director, Brightcove


    WHY 2?

    Because video is

    • BIG – REALLY BIG, and BIG file sizes are hard to push through little Internet pipes. So you need to be smart about how to do it efficiently, and smart about how to get the best quality available for a given situation – and that situation may even change while the video is playing. That’s way more than your website hosting can handle; and
    • there are lot’s of different formats. Everybody’s [FLASH, HTML 5, H.264 …] got their own brilliant idea of how to code/decode and stream [send chunk by chunk for your clients to watch] video.


    Stephen McCluskey - CEO, Vzaar


    So using a one-size-fits all approach will frustrate a lot of your viewers. If you really want good performance, you have to go beyond your own website hosting services. And you don’t [unless you’re really big] want to figure this all out for yourself, or pay to have some techie on staff or on contract stay up-to-speed on that always and quickly changing environment.

    And even though you have to be on YouTube to be seen and found, you don’t want that to be the only channel for showing prospects your main products and services. It’s too tacky – to the point of maybe showing an ad for a competitor, or something distracting them from your message, and YouTube hosting is performance-challenged too. So if you are emerging from being a small player and want to distinguish your services you must upgrade.

    For an informed, inside story from 3 major Online Video Platform spokespersons, stay tuned, we’ll have our interviews posted in the next week or so. And say “Hello” – here, or at http://www.massoutreach.com

  • Brian Auger 1:50 pm on October 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    TV Beats Web 158 to 3 

    As a true believer in the power of “New Media”, Massoutreach is always happy to announce the latest statistics about the takeover of online communications. But the truth is a bit more complex that that.  It is true that some “Old Media”, like regional newspapers [UK data: 2010 forecast -7.5% ] are dropping like a rock in terms of advertizing spending, as are national newspapers and consumer magazines. A lot of the slack, and a lot of the money, is being taken up by online vehicles like Google’s adwords. And it is also true that growth in online video is spectacular: for example, Comscore reported recently that the number of people who watch video on retail sites [US data] jumped by 40% between July 2009 and July 2010. All those trending numbers mean that a big change is afoot. However, one old medium – TV, is doing quite well. Our Blog post title – 158 vs. 3, shows the number of hours of TV watched monthly by the average American, vs. the number of hours of video watched online [numbers published by Nielsen]. More numbers: in China about 30% of people regularly use the Internet vs. 93% who watch TV. In Brazil, TV advertising was worth 15 times as much as Internet advertising last year.

    The Good Old Days (Still)

    Of course, most of you cannot afford TV advertising – at least the kind that would have a noticeable effect on your business. And most of you are very happy in the knowledge that your precious marketing dollars are not being sprayed at lots of people who are not interested – who have zapped past your ad spot, who are in the kitchen making a snack while your ad shows, etc. No. Your online ads are seen only by people who are in your market, people who choose to watch. Online video marketing has some far superior characteristics to TV.

    The interesting statistic about Internet advertising is always the pace of change: it is growing rapidly – stealing from newspapers, radio, and in some niche areas TV.  People might see something for the first time on TV and then go online to complete their research, comparison shop, and buy. So your prospects need to see and learn what you want them to via your website, even if they originally heard something on TV that started them off. Performance-based ads – like Google’s pay-per-click service grow every year, and competitors arise monthly.

    Online video, within the social media context, is the new word-of-mouth.

    So, the Old Media, TV anyway, seems to be holding its own, for now. And New Media – online video, is growing exponentially.

    Where do we think this is going? Let’s look at 3 prime areas:

    • Social Media
    • Interactivity
    • Mobile

    Social Media – While TV is still pervasive and dominant, the growth in Social Media like Facebook, with over 500 million members, is becoming more and more a part of more and more people’s lives. Online video, within the social media context, is the new word-of-mouth. The trend is for people to be more savvy about buying, and more ‘allergic’ to advertizing generally – unless it’s very well done and packaged. TV video is that now. Web video is getting there.

    Instead of putting a video into the website, you can put a website into the video.

    Interactive video – an already visually interesting video story, overlaid with a click-and-get-action-NOW interface, is a very powerful medium, just getting set to explode. TV – as in Google TV, is going to move into this for sure, but the online implementation will be better.

    Robert Scoble Interviews Veeple CEO

    Mobile – witness the uptake of the iPad. Check out the amount of video watched on the tiny perfect screen of the iPhone. It is very clear that another trend is rapidly accelerating here: delivering content wherever you are. And delivering content relevant to where you are is happening too. And that’s not TV.

    If we consider cost factors and trendlines, we see the importance of new media and online video. Online video can do you some good today, and tomorrow the action will move more and more to new media. And yes, you’ll still kick-back and watch TV some of the time too.

    Some stats from an article in the October 2, 2010 issue of the Economist “The Box Rocks”.

    See the Veeple Interactive Video Demo at


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